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There’s no real secret to getting your customers to come back. All you need to do is provide customer service that exceeds your customers' expectations and outshines your competitors' customer service. That is what we do here at "Appliance Specialist"

We have been servicing Reidsville, and the surrounding area since 1999. We are one of the leading retail outlets for quality used appliances. We also have over 10,000 parts to repair your appliances at over half off the retail price. We are an authorized service for all the leading brands. Is your appliance still covered under warranty? We are trained to handle your warranty claim. If you need Custom Installation, we do that too. no job is too large or too small.
We are licensed general contractors, and have all permit information available. We have the federal lead based paint certificate, and the universal refrigerant license. Contact us now for details. 

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